The way people can create digital memories and tell stories is evolving. How? In this blogpost we show you different ways to re-experience your holiday, party or any other valuable moments of your life, any time, any place. Or, if you are a business, how you can tell stories that capture your brand value or simply explain your product, using Interactive VR. Check out four ways to easily create your own 360° photos and videos.

Sphere camera apps

With free apps like Photo Sphere Camera (iOS & Android), Cardboard Camera, 360cam and Google Camera, everyone with a smartphone – from iOS8 and Android KitKat – can shoot 360° photos. Apps like these are easy to use. The quality of the 360° photo depends on the quality of the camera on your smartphone. This app is the best solution if you don’t want to invest in a 360° camera. However, it takes patience to shoot 360º photos with a Sphere camera app (about 2 minutes).

Read three more ways to create 360° content below the VR Tour.

Ricoh Theta

The latest version of this pocket-size 360° camera is the Theta S ($399,-). This small device creates digital memories from still High resolution images to long HD movies (max. 25 minutes long). The 360° image quality is good to very good depending on the light available. The 360° video quality is still somewhat limited, but definitely the best available in this price class. So if you prefer HD digital memories that are still affordable, the Theta S might be just the right 360° camera for you.

Read two more ways to create 360° content below the VR Tour.

CAD software

Export a 360º sphere from a CAD program like Revit, AutoCAD, etc. Use a 3D software program (3D Max e.g.) to render the CAD export, which results into high quality 360º spheres. This option is the perfect way for designers, architects and engineers to experience their work (e.g. buildings) as if it has already been built. Both 360º photos and 360º videos are possible with this option.

Read one more way to create 360° content below the VR Tour.

Professional content creators

If you would like to use virtual reality for your business, you probably prefer something really professional. Virtual reality is a very powerful and impressive medium to reach your target audience and to tell your story. From immersive, interactive, real world VR photos and VR videos to HD animated (rendered) VR photos and VR videos. If that is what your brand deserves, we can easily bring you in contact with professionals who really know how to create VR experiences.

Turn 360° into VR

Once you’ve created your 360° photos or 360° videos, you are ready to turn them into immersive experiences by uploading your content to VR Tours on We would love to show you how our web-based platform – – works! Let’s get started here, right away.

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