Create, annotate and publish data-driven VR trainings with our VR platform and CMS

on any device or platform instantly
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Turn any 360° content into virtual reality with our easy to use VR-CMS

Universal VR platform

Publish your VR training and tours to any device, website, application or platform instantly

Points of Interest editor

Add interaction, information and navigation with our web-based POI editor

In-VR analytics dashboard

Follow the progress of the trainees and effectiveness of your training

Our VR platform and CMS is web-based and universal and

no download is needed to create, manage and visit a VR tour or training

Upload and manage your VR content in our drag & drop CMS

Our Content Management System let you manage your training and tours. You can login to your account on using your credentials. In your ADMIN environment you can:

  • Upload 360° photos to a specific tour and our system turns them into VR bubbles on the spot
    • Please contact is if you want to upload 360° video.
  • Combine multiple 360° contents into interactive VR tours
  • Manage the tours and bubbles
  • Please use this online form to request for extra tours. Extra tours can lead to an increase in the subscription. In this case, we will contact you.

Make your VR training interactive with our POI editor

Points of Interests (POIs) are great to add interaction, information and navigation and comes in different forms:

  • Link; gaze (or click/tap on desktop/tablet) at the button and go to the next scenery
  • Image; show an image or <iframe> in your VR bubble
  • Audio; link to an audio file to create an audio tour
  • Dialog; ask a multiple choice question wich people can answer in VR

POIs provides unlimited options to create an interactive training and  can be changed on the spot.

Universal publication platform

Our VRmaster publication platform is unique:

  • No download needed
  • Publish VR tours to any device, platform and website instantly
  • Publish a VR environment with multiple trainings, VR menu and different storylines
  • Integrate VR with your services and applications via our API and plugins
  • You can try it out for free!

In-VR analytics

Data-driven VR tours give insights about the training progress and with In-VR analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your training.

  • Create multiple training scenarios, based on the choices of the trainees
  • Measure the behaviour, progress and time-spend
  • Gain insights about the training ROI

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