VRapp is a web-based VR-platform, based on the most modern web techniques:

  • No download needed, just go to VRapp.co/demo or an url provided
  • Enabling immersive storytelling with VR tours
    VR tours consists of multiple photo or video “VR bubbles”
  • In-VR navigation, simply by looking at points-of-interest in VR-menu
    Allows user to experience one or more storylines in a VR tour
    No need to remove VR headset to navigate!
  • System to make viewing VR great using all smartphone screen sizes from 4” to 6”
  • Works on multiple platforms (iOS, Android, mobile, tablet, desktop)
    Disclosing platform on Samsung Gear VR (Oculus OS) on roadmap.
  • Branded VR environments for businesses.

VRapp.co works from iOS8 (Safari) and Android KitKat (Chrome). Try Firefox for Android when Chrome doesn’t work.

VRapp works with 360° photos and video coming soon. Create such a content yourself:

Make use of the services of VRmaster and its partners:

  • Let VRmaster makes the 360 shots for € 25- € 35 each. See examples on vrapp.co/ddw/allegorie.
  • Professional (Google Business View) photographer for the best result. Price is around € 75- € 150 per picture. See, for example vrapp.co/demo/matchedmedia. Contact a Google certified photographer.
  • Create 360 degree renderings of a CAD drawing wil cost around € 8,000 for rendering building, including 20 360 photo exports (= € 400/position). See, for example vrapp.co/ccdimension

<iframe style=”border: 0px #FFFFFF none;” src=”https://vrapp.co/freddy/tests/vr-photo-3″ name=”myiFrame” width=”100%” height=”500px” frameborder=”1″ marginwidth=”0px” marginheight=”0px” scrolling=”yes” allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>Embed code

Change url to the one you prefer.

vrmaster-purplepillvr-300pxView your VR tours with the affordable VRmaster goggles. See examples in our webshop.

Our VRmaster goggles comes in a variety of sizes:

  • Small (only available in wood), de VRmaster which fits an iPhone 5, 5S en 5C. The maximum dimensions of the phone: 125 x 60 x 9 mm.
  • Medium suitable for the for the most common phones with 5 inch screen as the iPhone 6, Nexus 5. Samsung S6. The maximum dimensions of the phone: 142 x 86 x 10 mm.
  • Mediumlarge suitable for the for the big-ass phablet with 5,5″ inch screen like iPhone 6+, HTC M8, Sony Xperia Z2 en Z3, Samsung Note 4, One +1. The maximum dimensions of the phone: 154 x 89 x 810 mm.
  • Large (only available in wood) The maximum dimensions of the phone: 164 x 88 x 10 mm.
  • If you want to use a tablet, get a shoe box and we will get you some lenses.

Virtual Reality will change many businesses!

VRmaster is inspired by Google Cardboard and a concept of WOID

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