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Applications for virtual reality: experience marketing, construction, architecture, leisure and health care

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Combine the real world with CAD

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An attractive combination: branded VRmaster cardboards, VRapp platform and 360° content
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VR for construction projects


Virtual reality connects the architect, developer and (future) occupant


The customer can now experience the blueprint


The architect can show the plans and directly the impact of adjustments as well

  Read more about the use of VR by architects and construction developers.

VR for experience marketing


Connect your public with an awesome experience


Let customers be in the middle of a product launch


Relive a fashion show or performance

  Read more about the use of VR by experience marketers and product activators. See the example of a VR experience on board of a train.

VR for museums and aducation


Let visitors enter usually restricted areas


Step in the footsteps of an artist


Travel through time and around the world

  Read more about the use of VR in education.

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“All we’re doing is travelling without moving”


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VRmaster is inspired by Google Cardboard and a concept of WOID Arcoxia OnlineBuy Voltarol OnlinePonstel Online

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