We’re proud to present a new feature of VRapp.co! This new feature uses Points of Interest (POI) which make VR interactive. Viewers can now, from the VR Bubble they’re (virtually) at, navigate freely through VR Tours.

What’s new?

This new feature is derived from a demand from our users. Based on the fundamentals of the current way of navigating, we’ve moved in-VR navigation to the next level. Before (and still is), navigation was possible by aiming the tripod at the arrows (left or right). The arrows made (and still do) it possible to go back- and forward to the next or previous VR Bubble.

Navigate freely through Points of Interest
From now on, it’s possible to freely navigate to VR Bubbles whitin a VR Tour. When creating a VR Tour, Points of Interest (POIs) can be added wherever you like inside a VR Bubble. A Point of Interest can contains extra information, a picture and a button to go to another VR bubble. Points of Interest are recognized by a small circle. When aimed at it, more information about the concering Point of Interest appears. The viewer then can decide whether to travel to that next VR Bubble or not.

Informative aspect
These Points of Interest also add an informative aspect to Virtual Reality. The information that appears could be anything; from a simple title to educational text or even an image for now. We are also planning to add sound and video to the POI. And even more amazing, we can track the usage of the POIs with Google Analytics.

For more clarification, see the example of the VR Video Tour below: Rotterdam citytour.

Why use Interactive VR?

Interactive VR is available for both photo and video. In the example below – Rotterdam Citytour – the viewer is guided trough the city of Rotterdam. The VR Tour (video) contains six VR Bubbles (video), to were the viewer can travel to. These VR Bubbles are all locations: Koopgoot, Markthal, Binnenrotte, Erasmus bridge and Oude Haven from two perspectives. Depending on the location were the viewer (virtually) is, Points of Interest appear at the place of the direction that the concerning location actually lies.

Real estate
This system that is used for Rotterdam Citytour, using physical destinations, can also be used for exploring real estate. One can walk through a building, a house or a holiday accommodation before actually going/being there. More information about this application will follow soon.

Interactive VR can also be used to travel to subjects, for example in museums. With Interactive VR, viewers can easily and directly travel to different subjects. More information about this application will follow soon.

How to use it?

Step 1:
Go to https://vrapp.co/welcome/vr-video-tour

Step 2:
Tap/click ‘Enter VR Tour’ or choose a specific VR Bubble from the VR Tour from the location you would like to start.

Step 3:
Spot the Point of Interest and aim the tripod at it. A textbox with information about the destination behind the Point of Interest will appear. Interactive VR

Step 4:
If you would like to travel to the destination behind the Point of Interest, aim the tripod at the button. Hold it for 1 second and … there you go!

Interactive VR

<iframe src="https://vrapp.co/welcome/vr-video-tour/binnenrotte" name="My VR experience" style="border: 0px #FFFFFF none; width: 100vw; height: 56.25vw; min-height: 320px; max-width:100%;" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Start experiencing Interactive VR Tours

Start creating Interactive VR Tours

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