Travelling without moving

VRmaster makes immersive training easy and affordable

Incorporate virtual reality into your training and development in a safe and secure way
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Virtual reality training is engaging and efficient

VR is an active way to train people with 90% retention rate and 100% attention span.

People can visit any location or experience various situations in Virtual Reality. Guided tours, explanations and simulations can be given in a consistent way,  with the limited use of resources.

In VR, trainees can visit a location anytime they want and practise situations as much as the want under varying circumstances.

Set up a training is easy with our VR modules

Our VR modules help you on your way to set up an interactive training program that fits your business. We have developed different modules to create a training, fast and consistent.

Whether you want a safety training, onboarding program or testing of new concepts, there’s always a solution that suits you. Combine our modules into a complete training program.

Our universal VR publication platform and CMS is easy to use

You can manage your training and add interaction with our easy to use VR-CMS. Our universal platform publishes VR training instantly to any device or platform instantly.

Data-driven VR tours give insights about the training progress and with In-VR analytics, you can measure the effectiveness of your training.

You can integrate VR into your E-learning tools (LMS or CMS) with our open infrastructure and your data and content are secure on our or your servers. 

Our VR tools are used by many brands

We can create customized solutions based on our generic tools

VR tours in co-operation with Moovs, Enversed, EmansionStudio Sjoucke, VR producties, Encircle, go360 and many more.

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“All we’re doing is travelling without moving”


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