VRmaster believes that Virtual Reality is about storytelling. With our web-based VR platform you can go anywhere, wherever you are, whenever you want. Visiting a new and exciting places through our distribution platform VRapp, you can travel inside 360° photos, videos or animations. With VRmaster you can tell interactive, immersive, annotated stories to your customers, stakeholders or partners.

VR has always shown promise and is indeed a hot topic at the moment. One of the problematic issues for content creators wishing to engage VR has been,

“How do I create and distribute my content in a safe scalable on-brand way?”

“How exactly can a brand, educational institution or creative engage in a meaningful way with VR?”

“How do we ensure that the VR content we create is available on all different platforms and devices?”

We help you power through these roadblocks by giving you a globally deployable robust piece of infrastructure to help you create, manage, manage access to and now annotate VR. VR has an exciting future, what VRmaster does is to let you meaningfully explore this future today.

This is how you get started with VR

VRapp.co lets you publish your 360° content and turns them into interactive VR-tours in just 5 minutes. Points of Interest (POIs aka Hotspots) create an extra interactive layer in those VR-tours. Read more about the creation of 360° photos and videos in this blogpost.

You can use POIs to navigate, listen to a voice-over or get more info. We are proud to announce that you can now create interactive VR-tours by yourself. Just go to admin.vrapp.co and login with your credentials or register. We only support the Safari or Chrome browsers, as we use the latest web techniques to bring VR to the web.


You can also go to our FAQ page, check out the POI instruction video or read our blogpost about POIs.

Here are some great examples of the use of POIs in VR, made by our users:

And of course POIs can be used on Android (with Chrome) or iPhone, tablets or desktop (Chrome/Windows or Safari/iOS). Please use your latest browser and Android/iOS as VRmaster uses the latest web techniques.


POIs let you create interactive VR-tours, with 360° photos and videos, in minutes. We are now giving our beta-users first access to this amazing new way of telling stories. You can upload and manage your 360° photos on VRapp.co. The POI editor is available at admin.vrapp.co and both dashboards will be integrated in the next week. POIs also work with 360° videos, please contact us to activate this premium function.

POIs can provide:

  • A navigation option
  • Extra information (with HTML-code)
  • An image or GIF
  • An audio fragment (this is a premium feature)

We are working on extra POIs for:

  • Questioning
  • Feedback
  • Training/education
  • Research

Feel free to contact us at hello@vrmaster.co if you have any ideas and suggestion on how to improve our POIs.

Get the most out of VRapp with premium functions

Basic POIs are free for content creators to show their portfolio and you’re interactive VR-tours will never be lost. If you want to use VR-tours to promote your business, create virtual city trips or trainings we offer a wide variety of business plans. These plans offer:

  • VR video
  • Branded VR environment
  • Audio POIs
  • Password protected tours
  • In VR-analytics
  • and more features to come.

About VRmaster

VRmaster makes interactive virtual reality easy and affordable for your business. With our web-based VR distribution platform VRapp.co. VRapp.co offers interactive VR, published everywhere instantly and with in-VR analytics to follow your ROI. Additionally VRmaster delivers affordable high-quality cardboard VR goggles that are produced in The Netherlands. VRmaster can also conceive, create and produce VR content. For this VRmaster relies upon a strong network of creatives, commercial agencies, photographers and videomakers.

We have worked together with: AH, Interpolis, Blokker, De Boer, Media markt, Glow, NS, Groningen Museum, LA Times, Philips, TU/e, Fontys, Spie,Hilton Schiphol, VD Valk, and many more. Go to VRapp.co/welcome to see our VR features or visit VRapp.co to look at the latest VR-tours made by our community.

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