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We made VR even more easy and affordable

As you know we have been working hard on a new VR platform VRdeck.nl as VRapp was build on some legacy techniques. VRdeck is based on the best open source (VR) code we could find and combined with all the lessons learned this is the best VR platform of the world. We were planning to make the migration to VRdeck as easy as possible, so will keep VRapp alive till end 2018.

Why use VRdeck?

Get in control of your VR experiences with VRdeck

Get started with VRdeck:

  1. Ask VRmaster to create a new account on VRdeck via hello@vrmaster.co
    • VRmaser will help paid subscriptions to re-create their VR environment and redirect URLs.
    • Otherwise, you have to upload the content yourself. If you don’t have the original images, just go to the scene and add /original to the url.
    • Start creating your tours and scenes. Take a look at the videos at the right or visit our FAQ.
  2. Some functionalities are missing, but we are working on it:
    • There is no landing page, so you have to send your visitors to a specific tour. You can create your own VR landing page if you like on your website and embed the VR experience
    • 360° Video isn’t supported yet
    • Mouse (pad) control of hotspot will be launched in the coming months
    • No integration with Google analytics, but we offer In-VR analytics
Next Sprint Bug fixes and 360 video

We are planning the following improvements:

  • Set behavior and timing hotspot
  • Improve lay-out question hotspot so 4 lines are shown and more characters are possible in a line
  • ad mouse control to vrdeck on desktop
  • Setted starting point is used when navigate to other scene

And support 36o· video

Many mayor improvements

iframe style=”border: 0px #ffffff none;” src=”https://vrmaster.vrdeck.co/welcome/hotspots” name=”myiFrame” width=”100%px” height=”480px” frameborder=”1″ marginwidth=”0px” marginheight=”0px” scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

Please add <> at beginning and end


  • You can manage tours, scenes, images and sound yourself
  • Add multiple users to your VR environment and editor
  • Copy existing tours and scenes


  • Change orientation, the starting point when visiting a scene
  • Add your own icons and placeholders/hotspots
  • Make hotspot directly visible or react as a pop-up
  • Add text with different colour, size and position and stick it to the camera to move it along
  • Navigate between your tours and scenes and visa verso
  • Replace a 360 image/background/sky and keep the hotspots
  • Add a scene/welcome text
  • Stick images to the camera to create special effects like smoke, flashlight or lens flare
  • Add sound to a scene and/or to a hotspot


  • Embed as a magic window, so you can look around in the environment, directly from your homepage (in an iframe)
  • Use Firefox for best VR experience and optimal privacy. Chrome and Safari are supported as well
  • VRdeck supports Gear VR and Oculus Go
  • Keep track of the in-VR behaviour with in-VR analytics
I spy on you with my little eye

When visitors enter an environment, actions are tracked like:

  • Which hotspots they are looking at
  • What choices they make
  • Where they look with invisible tracking zones
  • How long they where in a scene

Analyse output

Give feedback

VRdeck Roadmap
  1. Some future functions are on our roadmap:
    • Support of the Gear VR and Oculus Go controllers
    • Support of Aframe components like these and those or check on Github
    • Support of 3D files
    • Support 3D environments
    • Support for Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), as soon there will be affordable AR/MR Glasses

I hope you will take this next step into VR together with us.

With VRiendly regards,

Detlef La Grand | Founder VRmaster | detlef@vrmaster.co

We have five basic privacy principles:

  1. We only collect data to give you the best VR experience, use the Firefox browser for optimal privacy
  2. We do not sell your personal data to other companies
  3. You can view, change or delete your personal information, anytime you want
  4. You own the data and content provided to us
  5. You will need third parties hardware, software and internet services to use VRdeck. Those parties may collect your data otherwise so read their Privacy Policies.

Our five basic guidelines:

  1. Inspire and respect the privacy and feelings of others.
  2. If you would hesitate to show your VR content to a child, your family, or a stranger on the street, don’t use that content.
  3. Ask permission when you use somebodies portrait. Ask permission of parents or legal guardian’s when a person is 16 years or younger.
  4. Only use content that you have created or hold all necessary permissions from the copyright holders.
  5. Be nice!

Our five basic terms are:

  1. The content you provide to us will be yours and make sure it’s yours and be sure it’s harmless and non-abusive.
  2. To experience the best VR experience, use the Firefox browser.
  3. Update your device to the latest Operation System (OS).
  4. Use a stable internet connection with a minimal download speed of 2 Mbps. A 4G connection has a minimum download speed of 3.1 Mbps.
  5. VRdeck is not responsible for malfunctioning of the vrdeck.co Service due to errors in, or limitations of:
  • the browser, the device operating system or the device hardware it runs on, or
  • the local network and the Internet connection that is used.

Contact us to use VR to the fullest!

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”

Benjamin Franklin

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