Experience spatial designs in a virtual and intuitive way

Make 360°/720° pictures, videos and CAD drawings

A clever “magicbox” in your own design

View and share virtual environments directly online

Virtual reality connects the architect with developer and customer


The customer can experience the space during the construction


The architect presents his plans and can immediately see the impact of his adjustments

On iOS (iPhone) choose share button – Add to Homescreen to experience VR video


Developers and contractors can easily communicate with their partners

On iOS (iPhone) choose share button – Add to Homescreen to experience VR video

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VR is an effective and easy accessible communication tool in every stage of building

Design stage

More insights in just one step from CAD to a virtual environment

Building stage

View the progress in VR at the building site

Sales stage

Combine promotions and advertisement with a stunning VR experience

Read more about the implementation of virtual reality in interior and construction

VRmaster brings interactive Virtual Reality to everyone

VRmaster believes that Virtual Reality is about storytelling. With our web-based VR platform you can go anywhere, wherever you are, whenever you want. Visiting a new and exciting places through our distribution platform VRapp, you can travel inside 360° photos, videos...

Training & Simulatie Virtual Reality voor de industrie

Bron: Bom.nl Met virtuele reality kan nagenoeg elke omgeving en situatie nagebootst worden. De technologie prikkelt de zintuigen op zeer overtuigende wijze. Dit biedt ongekende mogelijkheden om mensen te trainen. Het creëren van een trainingsomgeving of levensechte...

a16z Podcast: Mapping the future of Virtual Reality

A 16Z podcast Chris Dixon. “It’s anything where you would want time travel or teleportation.” and we from VRmaster couldn’t agree more. Virtual reality is coming fast, and everyone seems to assume that it will be gamers who get to have all the fun first. But...

Virtual reality: Three more brands dipping their toes in

By Ben Davis @ Econsultancy Virtual reality is either the emperor’s new clothes or the most exciting area of media today. Whatever your own belief, brands are getting to grips with VR, making use of emerging agency expertise in this area. Here are three of the...

Google iO 2016 virtual reality and project tango 3D scanning 4/4

Curated by Giovanno Yosen Utomo Motion tracking on a mobile device has already enabled a whole new range of experiences, but what would be possible if your Project Tango device could have a memory? With Area Learning, Project Tango can not only see the space around...

Virtual reality video tour appartment

Together with our user Simeon Moses, WormholeVR we have created an interactive VR video tour of an appartement. (To view VR video on iOS, please use Share, Ad to homescreen te create a shortcut on your...

Interactive Virtual Reality Tours: Real estate

We’re proud to present a new feature of VRapp.co! This new feature uses Points of Interest (POI) which make VR interactive. Viewers can now, from the VR Bubble they’re (virtually) at, navigate freely through VR Tours. In this series of blogposts about this latest...

Sketchfab adds virtual reality mode

SKFB x VR Button from Sketchfab on Vimeo. How to view Sketchfab models with Google Cardboard: Go to a model page. Press the VR button Append /embed?cardboard=1 to the URL. This will load the viewer in cardboard mode. Press the fullscreen button. Insert your smartphone...

“All we’re doing is travelling without moving”


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VRmaster is inspired by Google Cardboard and a concept of WOID

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