Virtual Reality is an engaging and active way of learning!

that safely brings student in the middle of any situation to explore, practice and learn about specific circumstances and environments

Travel to any new or well-known environment, instantly.

Go to fearful or restricted areas, from a safe surrounding.

Visit a room or building and get familiarized with the surroundings.

Re-experience an event or situation as if you were there.

100% Engagement

90% Retention rate

in-VR analytics and feedback

Train anywhere on any device

Virtual Reality changes the way we train!

100% Attention span and 90% retention rate

  • Recruitment: VR allows students to visualize themselves at a company and get an idea of what a day at the office is like.
  • Onboarding: The immersive VR experience could be used as a way to speed up employees’ familiarity with their new work environment and culture before they ever set foot inside the office.
  • Continued Learning of New Processes and Procedures: It allows learners to make mistakes during training without putting themselves at risk, using up materials, or putting expensive equipment at risk.
  • Safety training: VR is an easy way to instruct new employees about the safety precautions and equipment of a workplace and learn hands on how to use safety tools.
  • Temporary and flex workers can take a virtual tour and get familiarized with a building, learn the exits  and become aware of potential hazards.
  • New warehousemen can train the safety instructions before they get their first cup of coffee.

Check out this TED talk from Chris Milk: How virtual reality can create the ultimate empathy machine.

VR the ultimate active learning machine.

“The technology is extremely effective for learning and exploration.” James Mayrose State University of New York College,Read his paper here.

We are entering an era that is unprecedented in human history ” Jeremy Bailenson, director of Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab.

Retention rates for lecture style learning were at 5% and reading rates were at 10%, while the method of VRLearn had a retention rate of 75%. Read the report from Elliot Masie here.

USP’s when learning with Virtual Reality

  • Every trainee gets all the information they need
  • Everyone learns the safe way the same active way
  • Measure the progress, attention of the trainees and the ROI of your training programs
  • Trainees can train whenever they want, wherever they are, just using their smartphone
  • Limited time and staff resources


We offer data-driven VR tours

Our VR-tools lets you create amazing and personal VR experiences, based on the choices and behavior of the visitors. With in-VR events you can create multiple storylines and create different training levels:

  • In-VR events makes the VR experience more personal
  • In-VR events let you create multiple storylines, based on behavior
  • In-VR data gives feedback to the visitor
  • In-VR analytics let you track and trace the engagement

We give you a easy way to create interactive VR-tours yourself.

Learn anytime you want, wherever you are

  • With our VR tools you can publish your VR experience to any platform instantly, no download needed.
  • Your trainees can use their own device and use your branded VR goggles from your websites or existing applications.
  • Tours can be shared on social media
  • On the other hand, it’s possible to secure a VR training with a Username and Password.
  • With our API you can integrate the training into your CMS/LMS or other platforms.


Follow the latest news about VR in training and education in our special news section.

Vrendle vs VRdeck

Vrendle vs VRdeck

Vrendle vs Vrdeck virtual reality inzetten in de zorg hoe gaat dat en wat is een goede keuze Virtual Reality in de zorg kent veel toepassingen, waar de patient baat bij heeft en die wetenschappelijk onderbouwd zijn. Of het nu gaat om verlaging van pijnbeleving of...

Touching virtual reality

Touching virtual reality The first VR experience for the blind and visually impaired people - not with a headset, but with a pair of gloves. Ask more information: Explore more at

Privacy in Virtual Reality

Privacy in Virtual Reality

Privacy in Virtual Reality, I spy on you with my little eye Privacy and technology always go hand in hand like water and fire. The more convenience a service is, the more we use it and the more the service party, get to know about the user. The examples are legion and...

Leren met VR

Leren met VR

Leren met virtual reality Leren met Virtual Reality from VRmaster BV

Privacy in Virtual Reality ik zie ik zie wat jij ziet

Privacy in Virtual Reality ik zie ik zie wat jij ziet

Privacy in Virtual Reality, ik zie ik zie wat jij ziet Privacy en technologie gaan altijd hand in hand. Privacy en technologie zijn als water en vuur. Hoe meer gemak we hebben van een dienst, hoe meer we het gebruiken en hoe meer de dienstverlenende partij, dus te...

Shell NAM gas en olie en geeft ravage en vervuiling

Shell NAM gas en olie en geeft ravage en vervuiling

Niet alleen in Groningen pleegt Shell en de NAM roofbouw op onze planeet. Wat Shell in Nigeria heeft gedaan valt niet te negeren. Alleen in Nigeria hebben de mensen al moeten vluchten voor de gevolgen, zoals te zien is in deze 360 VR reportage van Contrast VR. Oil In...

Agressie training voor TBS-ers met Virtual Reality

Agressie training voor TBS-ers met Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Mental Health doe onderzoek naar het inzetten van VR brij training. VRAPT : VR agressie preventie training De effecten van  agressietrainingen in tbs-klinieken zijn niet zo groot. Dat komt waarschijnlijk doordat het niet goed mogelijk is om patiënten...

Wayback to cope with Alzheimers

A virtual reality project is helping elderly people with dementia by recreating moments from the 1950s. Care home residents in Surrey have been using cardboard headsets to watch a 360-degree video immersing them in the Queen's Coronation Day celebrations from 1953....

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“All we’re doing is travelling without moving”


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