We proudly present to you our latest update on VRapp.co. With this unique update – no other VR platform supports this feature yet –, users can now easily share and embed a single VR content item, which we call a “Bubble”. This “Bubble” is a specific URL which directly brings the user to the specific VR item. From there, the user can start the complete VR Tour. This new update contributes to an even more optimized VR experience for VR Tours on VRapp.co that are shared by our users.

Experience the Bubble

Click ‘Enter VR’ on the embedded image below to start the embedded VR Bubble in full screen. Would you like to share this or other VR Tours? Simply copy the URL and paste it wherever you like. For embedding VR Tours on you website, simply copy-paste the HTML code below on your web page:

<iframe style="border: 0px #FFFFFF none; width: 100vw; height: 56.25vw; min-height: 320px; max-width: 100%;" src="https://vrapp.co/itch/hangover/in-vr-2" name="Itch on vrapp.co" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Continue reading below the VR Tour.

Update january 11th, We experience minor problems with our embed option and iOS devices. We’re working hard to fix this.

Advantages for VRapp.co users

  • Users can now share or bookmark individual content items by sharing the specific URL.
  • Users and website admins can now share VR content items by embedding them in an iframe on their websites. Note: to watch the VR content in fullscreen, add the property ‘allowFullscreen’ to the iframe.
  • When the page is embedded, the links open in a new browser tab such that the user can see to which URL the link was pointing.

Next to come

Next update to come:

  • Users will be able to register and create their own VR-tour.

From June 2016 we provide a minimal embed mode. Read our blogpost.

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