It’s going to be a busy week with the DDW taking over Eindhoven and us joining the VRdays Europe.

We will take part at the VR Days Europe Expedition. If you want to visit us, please use this link to order your free tickets to the expo. We will be showing VR analytics and VR testing in a 3D Environment.

It seems ages ago but in 2015 we made a VReport of the Dutch Design Week 2015, using the at the time, brand new Theta S. We did this together with E52. This year the DDW will be from 21-29 Oct and meet VRmaster at Monday evening the 23th at the Powerhouse.

The Dutch Design Week is an amazing place to crank your brains and reboot your imagination. Be sure to visit EnversedDutch InvertualsDIY Headphones, Transnatural ArtManifestations or get out of your design closet at DayDayGay.

We will cover these highlights in VR, so we keep you posted.

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