It’s interesting to see that the big Tech companies jumped into the VR/AR world with billions and billions. So here are some milestones and when you see the main VR/AR landscape you see that Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google are creating their own realities. Of course, VR was there already, but with the lack of computer power, it was hidden in labs. And Google Streetview, introduced in 2007, was also a first sign.


Palmer Luckey pledged a Kickstarter project in 2010


Oculus DK1 (Development Kit)


Oculus DK2

Introduction Samsung Gear VR

2014 when Facebook buys Oculus

Google introduced the Cardboard

VRmaster started with their first webvr platform VRapp

$540 million funding Magic Leap by Google


Release Oculus Rift Consumer Version with 6DOF controllers

HTC introduced the Vive Headset with 6DOF controllers and roomscale VR

Release Google Daydream with 3DOF controller

Microsoft introduced the Hololens

Aframe WebVR framework by Mozilla

Introduction Playstation VR by Sony

Manus VR gloves


3DOF controller Gear VR

ARkit by Apple

ARcore by Google


Introduction Oculus Go

Introduction Magic Leap One

Introduction HTC Vive Pro

Or visit the interactive version here.

So you can free your mind in VR, but be aware that your mind is not always free!

Detlef La Grand, Founder VRmaster Indocin OnlineNaprosyn Online

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