In the original post, we used a screenshot of VRetinadVR. RetinadVR provide VR analytics in native VR applications build with Unity.

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The Eindhoven companies DigiMonks and VRMaster join hands and set up the VR-Analytics initiative. The two fast-growing organisations have obtained joint funding, from the Stimulation Fund Metropolitan Region Eindhoven, for further research and application of Big Data Analytics in web-based Virtual Reality, shortly “In-VR-Analytics”.

Measuring VR gives unique insights into people’s behaviour because people look intuitively and naturally in a virtual environment. People can also respond to a specific or dangerous situation, of which one is part of a safe environment. Together with potential customers, the new collaboration explores the practical application of VR Analytics in driving lessons, security training and therapy.

DigiMonks guides organisations to a data-driven future through their solutions. With their Decision Engine, they are able to apply real-time actions in online and offline environments. Various data streams are used to deliver optimal, customer-specific content and to offer deals with the focus on value creation for their customers.

VRmaster makes VR easy and affordable for companies. For this purpose, they have developed a proprietary web-based VR platform that makes making and publishing interactive VR tours easy. This way VR can be used in training, sales and therapy in the most low-threshold, unambiguous and safe manner.

Sander Lieftink (CEO DigiMonks): “We provide great potential in Big Data Analytics in Virtual Reality. The VR market is getting grown up. Technology is increasingly being used for training purposes. It is (real-time) feedback of the actions of the trainee essential. “Detlef La Grand (CEO VRmaster):” Through this project, we make it useful to deploy VR accessible to many serious applications for business and science. ”

VRMaster is located in Eindhoven, DigiMonks has offices in Eindhoven and Amsterdam. VRmaster and DigiMonks work for companies like Ahold, Achmea, Blokker, Eneco and KPN.

Do you also want to use VR in analysing behaviour to get new insights and actions? Please contact Detlef La Grand,,  VRmaster,  0031624385379 or Sander Lieftink,,  Digimonks

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