Don’t get me wrong, the best way to exercise is outdoors. Especially when you are near nature, there’s no reason to train indoors. Right! So in the corona case when there’s an unknown virus and you have to stay at home. And if you have a bit of a cough, it’s better safe than sorry so you can’t go to the gym. How to stay in shape?

Of course, you can do squats, lunges, planks, sit-ups, push-ups and do a superman exercise at home. But if we did those exercises, we won’t need our gym-subscription. Training also has to be a bit of fun and social if possible.


Exercise for VRee

So training also has to be fun, and group lessons and Corona are not the best combos, you can get the fun part with VR. If you own an Oculus Quest you probably have tried out Beat Saber. This rhythm game let you move your body to avoid obstacles and you can use your arms to slay blocks. Playing this game is a great workout, and you can try the Demo version. The total game cost you € 29,99. As always if something is a success, someone will copy it and in this case Beat Saber was copied onto the internet, using webvr.

With Moonrider you can play directly in the Oculus Browser. No download needed.

Moonrider is a great exercise to train coordination and a bit of strength.

VR workout flat out

During a family dinner, I brought out the Oculus Quest and no-time we were boxing our gloves off with the VR boxing game, Creed: Rise to Glory.

Screenshot Creed: Rise to Glory

To be fair, this game didn’t bring out the best in everyone. Even there are no sensors on your shoes, some people even tried to kick their opponent.

No harm was done and after a 10 minutes game, people really felt exhausted and we had to wipe down some sweat. I have tried other games and Creed is the most realistic one. 

If you want to train your boxing skills in a less testosterone environment, check out BoxVR, also available on See an image from BoxVR made by Fitxr on the right

In my quest to get the best out of the Quest, I came along and here you can train like a cyborg.

Reaction training by Towermax

So here you can train without, Facebook looking over your shoulder as Towermax works directly in the browser. Be aware that Facebook is in the neighbourhood as also the Oculus Browser is made by Facebook. Towermax offers a wide variety of exercises and levels to boost up your strength and coordination.

  • React on the targets that are approaching you
  • Step on a tower and avoid objects and hit targets
  • Drill your condition on a virtual track (a 5 m space needed, maybe your backyard)
  • And fight with an opponent in an arcade-style game.

Images by Towermax

So VR not only can make you feel a superhero who can fly. VR gives you the superpower to train, even in case of a community lockdown.

Now I will look for an environment to train and be social. Some kind of Zwift in VR…..

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