Enjoying a fine cocktail is a sensory experience. Sight, taste, smell, even touch and sound all play a part in one’s appreciation of a well-made cocktail. But what if I told you one bar has found a way to take that experience to the next level with virtual reality?

At Baptiste & Bottle in The Conrad Hotel Chicago, guests can now enjoy a cocktail that combines an in-person sensory experience with virtual reality. Called Rare Journey, the scotch-based cocktail experience is the result of a collaboration with storied scotch house The Macallan.

Rare Journey is a showcase for The Macallan’s Double Cask 12 Year Old. Released in 2016, the naturally-colored scotch is aged for 12 years in 100% sherry-seasoned American oak casks. The result is a rich but approachable scotch with flavors of vanilla, citrus, and light oak.

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