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Tilt Brush: Painting in virtual reality from a new perspective

Tilt Brush lets you paint in 3D space with virtual reality. Unleash your creativity with three-dimensional brush strokes, stars, light, and even fire. Your room is your canvas. Your palette is your imagination. The possibilities are endless. Learn more at...

10 best virtual reality apps, selected by Mashable

Source: Mashable 1. Tilt Brush It's hard to want to stop playing Tilt Brush, even if you're sober. This app lets you paint all over 3D space, with a range of brushes that simulate fire, smoke, snowflakes and rainbows. You can paint the trippy world around you, then...

Virtual reality kitchen experience by Ikea

IKEA Launches Pilot Virtual Reality (VR) Kitchen Experience for HTC Vive on Steam 04/04/2016 9:00 PM Source : Ikea general News CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa. (April 5, 2016) – IKEA today announced the release of a pilot virtual reality app, the IKEA VR Experience, on Valve’s...

Try out Google Cardboard apps on Gear VR

February 16, 2016 by Justin Wasilenko Got a Gear VR and want to try out Google Cardboard apps with it? There are 2 ways to do it, insert the phone without plugging in the USB port or download the app Package Disabler Pro. Read on to find out how to do...

kid-friendly Virtual Reality apps

Android Main search for Virtual Reality: By Michael Balzer.  They are all fun in someway or another.  None I would consider 7+ except the Catatonic video in the VRSE app.   7+...

The VR paradox

The VR Paradox Why 360° video is both a problem and necessity for the success Virtual Reality. Every time a new technology is introduced two things happen: people try to describe it with existing terminology and they will try to use it for existing things. It’s an...

Become color blind in virtual reality

Ever wonder how a colorblind person sees the world? Want to test how color friendly is your application for someone who cant identify colors properly? With Colorblind VR you can do it in two ways: 1. Virtual Reality: plug your phone into any mobile virtual reality...

Phereo stereo plaatjes

@HansTiland deze stereo plaatjes kan je wel bekijken PRESENTING THE CROSS-TECHNOLOGY 3D PHOTO-SHARING Capture the vibrant moments. We’ll make sure they are shared and appreciated on any screen.   7 Magical Bubbly Bubbles I have been a 3D...

Virtueel rondkijken via street view (Android only)

Het is geweldig om via Google Streetview op elke (vastgelegde) plek op aarde te kunnen staan. Al is deze functie wel goed verborgen in de Android Streetview-app.

Jaunt virtual reality met films

Bron: Jaunt Sir Paul McCartney Experience musical legend and visionary Sir Paul McCartney performing "Live and Let Die" in 360 degrees, with stereo 3D and immersive audio in Jaunt's first publicly released cinematic VR experience. Google Cardboard Rift on Mac (coming...

Google Cardboard app

De app waar het allemaal mee begon. Bekijk 3D animaties, youtube, google earth en veel meer met deze Android app.

Roller Coaster Achtbaan

De Durovis Dive Roller Coaster app is een klassieker onder de virtual reality apps. Zeker toen Mathijs van Niewkerk,  met de duurdere neef van de VRmaster, de Oculus Rift de achtbaan beleefde. Deze app is beschikbaar voor: Android via de playstore en iOS, iPhone via...

3D video’s

Op YouTube zijn 3D films te vinden die perfect zijn te bekijken met de VRmaster. Zoek op SBS Side by Side 3D video's en leef je uit.

VR showroom (Android)

Virtual Reality Showroom is een applicatie die gebruikt kan worden als sales tool voor producten. Door uw telefoon te combineren met een kartonnen VR-bril: een Google Cardboard, of Durovis Dive kunnen producten in een 3D virtuele omgeving ervaren worden. Laat uw...

iOS VR apps

Dive City Coaster
The Height
Refugio3D Spacestation
Tales from the minus Lab
Subaru Motorsports
Sky Siege 3d
London VR
Stereoscopic Tunnel Effect
my3D SECTOR 17
my3D 360° SHARKS
3DTube – Youtube 3D video player
Auto Track VR
Polar Sea
Stereopsis by Bill Domonkos
3D Photo Book [3D-NARITA]
Homido 360 VR player
Timpaan Verandawoning
Virtual Kaiju 3D
Pangea VR
Hiyoshi Jump
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