Basically, this system allows making multitouch area on every flat surface. Technically it’s combination of motion-tracking and projection-mapping. Main benefits are that there are no limits on a scale of game-stage (it could be 1km long if you want) and no limit how many people can be involved in one moment.

Here is a video from our test installation in Prague. We developed kind of computer game but projected in the real scenery. It is mainly dedicated to kids but also adults were involved as players. I have to say they really enjoyed it too!

The Demonz is a large-area virtual reality game projected into reality. The goal is similarly as in the classic Czech ball game from childhood “dodgeball“ but instead of hitting live opponents you will try to hit virtual targets in the shape of animated figures or other moving objects. Due to a combination of art and programming work was created a unique game pushing you to move and cooperate with the others.

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