VRmaster brings virtual reality to the web and

makes VR easy and affordable, so anyone can go anywhere, anytime.

For content creators

Publish an interactive VR tours in 5 minutes

For business

Present your products, plans and events in VR

Step into virtual reality

just using your smarthone and our affordable goggles

We have the first web-based virtual reality distribution platform

and CMS | VRapp.co is now VRdeck.co

Launched in 2014

“All we’re doing is travelling without moving”


Let's teleport and time travel through the universe!

We are building VRapp

Looking for VR for your business?

Visit our FAQ page

Latest news around Virtual Reality

VRmaster is inspired by Google Cardboard and a concept of WOID

VRmaster is supported by: SRE, Het Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek, RVO and Brightmove

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