Virtual reality will change the way your customers experience their holidays

Virtual Reality lets your customers step into their future hotelroom and enjoy their view. They can take a virtual city trip and previsit the highlights before they go there. Further they can share their great holiday experiences with familie and friends, as if they are with them.

Pre-visit a hotelroom

With our platform it’s very easy and affordable to create interactive VR tours with, what we call Points Of Interests. These POIs can be placed in space, so in-VR navigation becomes intuitive.

Take a city trip and wander around

With our platform it’s even possible to make interactive VR video tours, so it’s like you can walk around and discover a city.

Your visitors can share their holidays experiences with family and friends using social media.

As provides a web-based service, people can share their VR, just by sending an internet link.

VRmaster mission

We make interactive virtual reality easy and affordable for your business. With our web-based VR distribution platform, we want to give businesses a new way of engaging with their customers and stakeholders. A core concept of is the use of VR tours.

VRmaster solution

We provide the number one B2B web service to distribute interactive VR tours, so visitors can explore any place or situation in VR. VR tours can be easily created and published to any VR device, smartphone, tablet, desktop or website instantly. In-VR analytics make it possible to analyze behaviour, track reach and interaction, and follow your ROI.

VRmaster offers a web-based VR platform

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News about VR and leisure

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Vanaf woensdag 19 april, is de eerste virtual reality familiefilm High Five te zien in The VR Cinema in Amsterdam. De film is een coproductie van Samsung en &samhoud media. De rollen worden gespeeld door Frank Lammers, Stefan de Walle, Bracha van Doesburgh en Daan...

Earth Night Lights in Virtual Reality

Source: NASA Satellite images of Earth at night — often referred to as “night lights” — have been a gee-whiz curiosity for the public and a tool for fundamental research for nearly 25 years. They have provided a broad, beautiful picture, showing how humans...

Virtual Reality chair

Leah Yamshon gets an early look at an amazing new immersive experience from Voyager: a VR chair that adds incredible new dynamics to the experience through the use of advanced haptic feed back and unique motorized hardware in the chair itself....

You can become virtual reality ski jumper

Join Anders Jacobsen and Fredrik Bjerkeengen on top of Holmenkollen, and learn the essential elements of ski jumping. At the end you’ll also experience jumping in one of the world’s most famous ski jumping hills....

Ashes to ashes in virtual reality an one-shot story

Ashes to ashes is a surreal tragicomedy in virtual reality. The 11-minute one-shot immerses the viewer in the story about a dysfunctional family burdened with the bizarre final wish of their deceased grandfather. Filmed from the perspective of the urn containing the...
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