Ashes to ashes is a surreal tragicomedy in virtual reality. The 11-minute one-shot immerses the viewer in the story about a dysfunctional family burdened with the bizarre final wish of their deceased grandfather. Filmed from the perspective of the urn containing the ashes, viewers encounter the colorful family members, who each seem to live in a reality of their own creation.

Ashes to Ashes is an experience designed to challenge the viewer to distinguish what is real from what is not. Ultimately the film questions if there is, in fact, a clear dividing line between reality and fiction. Aren’t we all living in our own world?

Get Ashes to Ashes, not on VRapp ;-(

To get the full experience, we highly recommend using a VR headset to watch the film. The film is available via the apps and platforms of our co-production partners.

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Read more about the project here.

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